Scott County Genealogical Society, Inc.
Georgetown, Kentucky

Established 1983

2008 Photo Archive

Photos by Ernie Stamper (left) and Tom Beatty (right).
December 2008: Left photo: SCGS officers for 2009 were introduced. From left, Martha Sageser, Corresponding Secretary; Sarah Baston, Treasurer; Carol Adams, Secretary; Tom Beatty, Vice-President; Nancy Giles, President; and Kitty Allen, Historian. Right photo: SCGS member Loaetta Reddington displayed a doll from her childhood.

Photos by Kitty Allen
November 2008: At left, Lexington genealogist Phyllis Vannoy Spiker explained the variety of death records available to family history enthusiasts and shared stories from over 25 years of research activity. At right, SCGS member Tom Beatty presented a book about Scott County cemeteries to Spiker.

Photos by Tom Beatty
October 2008: SCGS members Doris Reed (left) and Janet Freeman discussed their experiences when attending the August 2008 Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) annual conference held in Philadelphia.

Photos by Tom Beatty
September 2008: At left, SCGS member Ron Vance displayed a vintage map of Scott County as he discussed the cultural differences between the Eagle Creek and Elkhorn societies. At right, SCGS members Martha Sageser (front) and Nancy Giles pause for a quick photo.

Photos by Ernie Stamper
August 2008: At left, SCGS President Nancy Giles discussed the online LDS FamilySearch® databases and resources. At right, members were briefed on the status of the Bible project.

Photos by Ernie Stamper
July 2008: Local historian and author Ann Bevins discussed the life of Vice-President Richard M. Johnson and the establishment of the Choctaw Indian Academy in Scott County.

PowerPoint® graphic (left) by Tom Beatty. Photo (right) by Kitty Allen.
June 2008: SCGS member Tom Beatty explained GPS technology during a program titled, "Genealogy Meets Technology."

Photos by Martha Sageser (left) and Kitty Allen (right).
May 2008: During a Genealogy Show-and-Tell session, SCGS member Larry Hall (left) displayed a family heirloom belonging to a relative who was a Civil War veteran. At right, Sarah Baston talked about a pair of wooden shoes that belonged to a German ancestor.

Photo by Kitty Allen
April 2008: SCGS member Susan George discussed her efforts in compiling a personal family history.

Photos by Kitty Allen
March 2008: Bill Morris (left) presented an overview of the Kentucky Genealogical Society. At right, Mike Peters demonstrated Legacy® genealogy software. Morris and Peters are members of the Kentucky Genealogical Society.

Photos by Kitty Allen
February 2008: At left, Alicestyne Turley Adams, Director of the Underground Railroad Research Institute at Georgetown College, discussed recent research initiatives. At right, SCGS member Tom Beatty presented a book about Scott County cemeteries to Professor Adams.

Photos by Kitty Allen
January 2008: Top left, guest speaker Marguerite Miller demonstrated how to hold dowsing wires as Martha Sageser (bottom left) practiced. At right, Miller watched Carol Adams find her dowsing target as Sarah Baston readied her wires.