Scott County Genealogical Society, Inc.
Georgetown, Kentucky

Established 1983

2010 Meeting Highlights

Photos by Kitty Allen
December 2010: SCGS members gathered at the Scott County Public Library for our annual holiday get-together. During the meeting, members spoke of their favorite holiday memories and shared personal mementos from the past.

PowerPointŪ graphic (top left) by Mary Clay. Photos by Tom Beatty (top right and bottom left) and Kitty Allen (bottom right).
November 2010: Frankfort resident Mary Clay talked about the value of social networking sites (Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter) when applied to genealogy. Clay started a Facebook Group to share her family research with others and to notify group members of upcoming events. She displays family photos and other documents pertaining to her family. Clay is also involved with another Facebook Group, African-American Genealogy in Franklin County, KY. At the end of her presentation, Clay talked about her involvement with a three-year Kentucky Genealogical Society initiative to provide the Kentucky Department of Libraries and Archives (KDLA) with an index of births from 1874 to 1878.

Photos by Kitty Allen (top row) and Tom Beatty.
October 2010: In a program titled, "The Stamping Ground Bank Robbery: Genealogy and Publication Research," SCGS member Ben Calvert discussed the 1932 robbery of the Farmers Deposit Bank in Stamping Ground. Conducting eyewitness interviews and weeks of research, Calvert published a book about the robbery that recounts the day's events that resulted in the death of a long-time bank employee. He also researched the family history of the perpetrators and included photographs of known burial locations.

Photos (top row) by Tom Beatty. Screenshot of Wiki (lower left). Photo (lower right) by Kitty Allen.
September 2010: Nancy Giles spoke about what lies ahead in her program titled, "Genealogy: A Look to the Future." She discussed the emerging Wiki technology and showed its relevance to family history research. During our meeting we also had input from Mike Key, Scott County Public Library reference librarian, about an initiative to provide geographical coordinates for Scott County cemeteries. Key also discussed, an Internet resource devoted to documenting cemeteries worldwide.

PowerPointŪ graphic (top left) by Tom Beatty. Photos by Kitty Allen.
July 2010: In his program titled, "Scanning Photographs and Other Genealogical Records," Tom Beatty discussed scanner properties and operation. He also presented a hands-on demonstration of scanning photos and documents, and altering the resulting images in a photo editing software product available for free on the Internet. Beatty also discussed the advantages of external hard drives in storing image files.

Photos by Tom Beatty (top) and Kitty Allen (lower right). Screenshot of Kentucky Historical Society website (lower left).
June 2010: Our program this month was presented by Louise Jones of the Kentucky Historical Society Library. Louise gave us an overview of the online genealogical resources available on the KHS website; shared tips for searching the online library catalog; and explained several resources available to people who choose to visit the library in Frankfort. Lower right, SCGS President Tom Beatty presented a commemorative mug to Louise.

Photos by Tom Beatty
May 2010: SCGS members traveled to Paris, Kentucky, to visit the John Fox, Jr., Genealogical Library and the Hopewell Museum. Top left, members gather outside the library for a group photo. Top right, Librarian Rogers Barde explained the resources available in one of the finest genealogical libraries in the state. The Library is located in the Duncan Tavern Historical Center. Bottom left, SCGS members view some of the many informative panels displayed in the Hopewell Museum operated by Historic Paris-Bourbon County, Inc. Bottom right, a close-up of a museum panel honoring the Fithian brothers of Paris who fought on opposite sides during the Civil War.

Photos by Tom Beatty (top, lower right) and Kitty Allen (lower left).
April 2010: Top, Ellie Caroland showed SCGS members some of the genealogical resources available in the Scott County Public Library's Kentucky Room. Lower left, Caroland stood outside the Kentucky Room where she provides research assistance each month on the second and fourth Thursday afternoons. Lower right, Kathy Lloyd, a library assistant, talks about upcoming changes to the way some research material will be displayed.

Photos by Kitty Allen (left) and Tom Beatty (center, right).
March 2010: At left, Isabelle Pettey read her award-winning essay about the historic Eclipse Place Farm located north of Georgetown. Isabelle's award was co-sponsored by the Kentucky Heritage Council. Center, Pettey reacts to receiving an SCGS mug. At right, Kenney Roseberry, a guest from Paris, Kentucky, spoke about a book titled, "God's Acres: Private Graveyards in Bourbon County, Kentucky." Roseberry discussed the work that went into compiling graveyard statistics and editing the book.

PowerPointŪ graphic (left) by Tom Beatty. Photos by Nancy Giles (center) and Kitty Allen (right).
February 2010: In a program titled, "Cemetery Ramblings...Finding Facts in the Stones," Tom Beatty explained several reasons for visiting cemeteries, the types of cemeteries researchers might encounter, and tips on photographing tombstones. He finished the program with an overview of online cemetery resources.

Photos by Tom Beatty (top left, bottom row) and Kitty Allen (top right).
January 2010: Our first meeting of the year included a group discussion on breaking down brick walls. Several members and guests explained how they discovered facts that had eluded them in their family history research.