Scott County Genealogical Society, Inc.
Georgetown, Kentucky

Established 1983

2020 Meeting Highlights

Zoom Screenshot
September 2020: Nine members joined via Zoom for our September meeting (no August meeting so members could attend the Kentucky Genealogical Society Seminar Series). We participated in a roundtable discussion about our genealogical activities during the summer. One person filled picture requests for Find A Grave and cleaned grave markers; another member started researching a cousin’s family and added spousal and children links to Find A Grave; others participated in the KGS seminar series during August and one person worked on organizing family records for better use. Zoom is not the ideal format for our monthly meetings, but when face-to-face meetings aren't possible, it's the next best thing.

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July 2020: We continued to meet via Zoom for our July meeting which featured Doris Reed's excellent program about tracing her Bailey line from Maryland to the Turkey Foot area of Scott County. Doris used DNA matching tools, deed books, and census records to help her in her family history research.

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June 2020: We held our annual Show-and-Tell meeting in June, and shared some interesting artifacts and stories. A high school yearbook reminded us of Georgetown’s Garth High School; we saw court papers involved in a change to a death certificate; and we learned about a silver key chain with a long family history. Another highlight of the meeting was that we were able to meet an SCGS member who joined our meeting from Texas.

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May 2020: Once everyone realized that we couldn't have in-person meetings at the Scott County Public Library, we tried the popular Zoom platform to meet and chat about genealogy and other things. One of the highlights of the meeting was the opportunity to meet a long-time member from California who unlike the rest of us had to get up way too early (7:00 a.m. PT) to join the group meeting.

Photos by Tom Beatty (left) and Nikki Chowning
February 2020: February is Black History Month. Cincinnati resident Jerry Bedford, Jr., was our guest speaker for this month's meeting. In his program titled,"Beyond The Brick Wall: Tips To Getting Around the Brick Walls in African American Genealogy," Jerry shared some great resources for finding information on African American ancestors. Citing his personal experiences, Jerry discussed the importance of using DNA to discover relationships that might be unnoticed in family groups. He also mentioned several new Facebook groups and websites of interest. The Allen County (Indiana) Public Library's African American Gateway is one such website. Among other things, it offers state-by-state links to numerous websites containing varied information on African American topics. In the photo on the right, Treasurer Tom Beatty presented an SCGS coffee mug to Jerry in thanks for his presentation. This was Jerry's second mug; he also spoke to our group in 2018.

January 2020: Our programs got off to an informative start for the New Year when SCGS member, Jan Wilkins, gave a presentation on searching for adoption records, a timeline of adoption documentation, terminology used, agencies abusing power and breaking through walls with patience before the age of DNA tests for our January meeting. Jan was thorough in her display of records that document adoptions, children under guardianships and orphans. For Jan, this has been a discovery close to her heart. She first was forth coming about how she searched for the daughter that she had surrendered for adoption. Jan’s presentation transitioned from her own story into how have adoptions been recorded in historical documents throughout the history of our country. Also covered was the cruel side of adoption by highlighting the scandal involving Georgia Tann and the Tennessee Children’s Home.